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Admin login example

Choose School colors

Select your school colors to customize the look of your website.

Upload your mascot

To further customize your website upload your team's mascot or school logo. This function supports Adobe Flash.

Add Photos

Upload multiple photos at one time. Tag athletes and events.

Add Videos

Upload videos to your website. Tag athletes and events.


Create and edit news article on your website.


Add and edit multiple schedules for all your teams.


Add events to your calendar. Each event will include a start date and time along with an end date and time. Manage a calendar for each section of your website


Add and edit multiple rosters for all your athletes.

Player profiles

Add athlete's name, number, height, weight, positions, accomplishments and more.


Display the results for each event and add photos and videos for the event.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages to fit any need you have and make your website as unique as you need it. This feature offers the flexibility to accomplish just about anything you want.

Manage Sections

Create sections to help organize your website. Sections are like folders and help to keep information easy to find for site visitors.

Easy Editing (WYSIWYG)

Edit the content on your website with an easy to use editor. This "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" editor, also known as a WYSIWYG editor, makes you look like a pro and allows you to quickly update your team's site. No software required and no technical knowledge needed.


You arrange or sort the pages of your website, your schedules, photos, and videos. Simply drag-and-drop items to arrange the order in which they appear.

On / Off Functionality

This feature allows you to turn pages or entire sections "on" or "off". When pages or turned "on", they are visible to website visitors and when pages are turned "off" they are not visible to site visitors.

Ad management

Raise money for your team by selling ad space on your website. Simply add the sponsors name, logo and website address. This feature also supports Google AdSense. With Google AdSense you just paste the code you get from Google, then sit back and start collecting money.

Website hosting

We do all technical work for you. We host your website on our server. There is nothing for you to learn or worry about. You can login and manage your website from any computer that has an internet connection.

Social Sharing

Allow visitors to use Facebook to "Like" your page or article. Visitors can also "Tweet" your information using their Twitter account.

Facebook Commenting

Allow visitors to comment on you recent news article, photos and videos. User must have a valid Facebook account in order to comment. This helps keep you site secure and safe. Commenting is an optional feature that can be turned "on" or "off" at any time.

Many more

There are many more features included. To explore the full potential of a team website sign-up today for our free trial. It take just a few second to create an account and getting started could be easier.