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Rosters and Schedules

  • How do I add athletes?

    1. Click Athletes link

    Assuming you have logged in, click on the "Athletes" link within the black navigation bar.

    2. Add new athletes

    On the Athletes page, click the "Add New Athletes" button to get started filling in important information such as name, grade, jersey number and even add a picture.

    3. Add image and create bio

    Click on "Change Photo" to add a photo for the athlete. Then fill-in the form information to complete the player's profile.

  • How do I create multiple rosters?

    1. Click on Rosters link

    Assuming you have logged in and already enabled a roster page, go ahead and hover on the "Sections & Pages" tab within the dark grey nav. From there choose the appropriate section (ie. Varsity, JV) then select "Rosters" under the sub-navigation.

    2. Add new roster

    Next, click the "New Roster" button on the right side of the page.

    3. Name roster

    Name the roster according to how you want to organize your athletes. This can be done based on ability level, grade or whatever you want.

    4. Add players to the roster

    Check the box next to the athletes you want to add to this roster. To create another roster follow steps 1-4 again.

  • Is there a limit to the number of athletes I add?


    No. You can add as many athletes you like.

  • How many schedules can I make?


    You can add as many schedules as you need within a given section. Each section you create can contain multiple schedules. For example, you might have a section called "High School". Within "High School" you can have 3 different schedules; one for Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman.

  • When I create an event on a schedule will it be added to my calendar?


    Every event you add to your schedule will include a date, time and map to the location. All events will automatically be added that section's calendar as well.