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Adding Content and Media

  • How do I create a news article?

    1. Select your section

    Assuming you have logged in, rollover the "Sections and Pages" link. A dropdown menu will display all your sections. Click on the "News" link in the section you want to create an article.

    2. Creating a news article

    Creating new articles are really easy. If you can write an email, you can create news articles that will automatically appear on your homepage. Type in your headline, main text and don't forget to add an image. Don't worry if you don't have an image we will automatically assign one to your article.

    3. Promote your article

    You can allow your users to comment on your article using their Facebook profile or allow them to "Like" the article so their Facebook friends can see it or they can share the news on Twitter. To allow these features simply check the boxes before you save the article.

  • How many pictures and videos can I upload?


    It depends what package you sign-up for. Our "Premium" package offers 1GB(1,000MB) of storage. That's enough space to store over 500 3-Megapixel photos.

  • Can I upload multiple photos at one time?


    Yes. When you browse for your photos hold down the "Ctrl" key and select as many images you want to upload. Be patient though, the more images you upload at one time, the longer it will take.

  • How do I add photos & videos?

    1. Select media page

    Assuming you have logged in and you have already enabled a media page, go ahead and hover on the "Sections & Pages" link within the dark grey navigation. From there choose the appropriate section (ie. Varsity, JV, ect.), then click on "Media".

    2. Add Media

    To start, click on the Add Photos or Videos button on the right side.

    3. Assign Event

    Next, you need to tell us where you want your pictures stored? Do they belong to a specific event on one of your schedules? If so, select yes and choose the corresponding schedule you have already created. From there select the event, give your pictures an album title and decide whether you want Facebook comments, tweeting and wall posting from social networks.

    If the pictures you are uploading do not belong to a specific event, simply choose "no" and then assign your album a title.

    4. Add your photos and or videos

    Finally, simply click choose file(s) and upload them. When uploading photos, you can select multiple photos to upload at one time by holding down the "Ctrl" button and clicking on the photos you want to select.

  • How do I tag someone in a picture?

    1. Tagging is Easy!

    To tag someone in a picture you've already uploaded is easy. Simply start to type in their name below the photo and a list of athletes starts to appear from which you can select. To get to your photos, assuming you have logged in (with administrator rights), start by going to your media page under the sections & pages navigation.

    2. Select A Photo

    From your media page, select the album from which the picture you want to tag is in.

    3. Tag Photo!

    From here, just start typing in the names of the player(s) in the photo. As you begin to type, you will see names appear from which you can pick. Click save and you're done!