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Who better to design a team website than a former athlete and coach? was built to make coaches live's easier and allow them to get back to what's really important; coaching kids. Brian Ferritto created to help, high school and youth sports programs, have an easy way to update their own website. Ferritto is currently a partner at 42connect, a website design and development company located in Cleveland, Ohio, and still helps coach at a local high school. With a passion for design, Ferritto set out to build a tool that would allow the most inexperienced coaches to have an easy-to-update, and equally important, great looking website. Most schools offer their sports teams a webpage or two, but getting them updated and having them current is a huge hurdle. It's more important than ever to have a website that is up-to-date. allows any team to have an affordable website, that is easy to update and looks like it was professionally made.

Coaches now have an easy way to manage their team online, spread the word about their program, and most of all, the ability to save hours of work so they can get back to actually coaching!